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About The Lion

Creating growth for companies

Shortened Sales Cycles

Having trouble getting in touch with the Decision Makers? We validate who they are, confirm their needs for your SPECIFIC product or service and coordinate the meeting for you to attend! Drastically shorten your sales cycle and close more deals.

Executive Deal Closers

Are you setting meetings but not closing deals? Get access to our Elite Executive Closers who secure deals of ALL sizes, across any industry. Let us help you close deals that will elevate your company and supply you with the market share you deserve.

Sales Training & Coaching

Are you getting everything you desire from your current sales team? Whether you have people who are new to sales or you are a Fortune 500 needing executive training, we coach and implement sales training and tools that help your team operate at their highest levels of output consistently.

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Solutions for growing you!

tier 1: connect
  • Connect You to Decision Makers
  • Confirm the Need for Your Service
  • Ensure You’re a Viable Option
  • Set & Coordinate Meeting
tier 2: close
  • Access to Elite Deal Closer
  • Articulate Value Proposition
  • Study Competitors
  • Close the Deal
tier 3: coach
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Training
  • Social Media Management
  • Advertisements

What our clients say

Experience The Lion Consulting Group

"We have worked closely with Daryl Westmoreland and The Lion Consulting for several months, and during this time, they have proved to be a hardworking and responsible company, opening up avenues of sales that we would have otherwise not known about. We have experienced much growth since engaging with The Lion Consulting and their efforts have led us to be more successful in our marketing and sales efforts."

Joe Spell
Director of Business Development at Supreme Plant Services

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